BIOL4398-W Proteins & Nucleic Acids/BIOL5398 Advanced Proteins & Nucleic Acids

WELCOME: The goal of the course is to provide a critical understanding of the relationship between structure and function of Nucleic acids and proteins, including such issues as enzyme mechanisms, DNA and RNA recognition, and specific protein associations.Three dimensional structures of these macromolecules will be described in conjunction with study of the chemical and physical methods used in their purification and characterization. The laboratory provides hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment used in the biotechindustry. The laboratory experiments will allow students to gain experience in using computer applications related to the determination of the structures and properties of biological molecules and recent bioinformatics tools. The class meets for 2 hours of lecture and for 3 hours lab each week. Graduate students will be required to complete an independent research project upon completion of the course.
ATTENDANCE: You are expected to attend all ZOOM livestreams according to the schedule (link is provided on D2L) – attendance will be monitored. You will be expected to study all prior material available on-line before attending the livestreams. If you miss ZOOM meeting for unavoidable reasons, make sure you notify me. Missing an exam will be permitted only by prior arrangement and make-ups will only be allowed in the case of a University approved absence (illness with a doctor's note, a family crisis, or a religious holiday).
ZOOM RULES: Sign in with your full LAST NAME & FIRST NAME as listed on the class roster. No nickname please when you log in. It makes it impossible to know who is in attendance. Users who do not provide their full names will mark as un-attendant. STAY FOCUSED: close any apps on your device that are not relevant and turn off notifications. VIDEO IS REQUIRED TO BE COUNTED PRESENT. Please MUTE YOUR MICrophone when you are not talking. This helps eliminate background noise. Use a headset when possible, this improves audio quality. Be in a QUIET PLACE. Turn off any music, videos, etc. in the background. No disrespect or hate speech - just like in our in-person class, respectful behavior is expected. Consider Zoom a professional environment, and act like you're at a job interview, even when you're typing in the chat. Failure to follow the guidelines outlined above will result in AN EXCLUSION from the ZOOM meeting.

NOTE: Class meetings on Zoom (including video, audio, and chat text) will be recorded.
PARTICIPATION: Students are expected to take part in discussion after or during lecture.
EXAMS: there will be two noncumulative exams for the first and the second part of the course. Context will include any material covered during lectures and oral presentations.
MATERIALS: PowerPoint presentations for each lecture will be online, according to the provided schedule of the course, so that notes can be made and used during the exam. REMEMBER: draw it to know it! I recommend to use GOOGLE CHROME to browse this page. Textbook is optional for this course: Biochemistry, by Donald Voet latest version.
Laboratory Notebook/Performance - 10 pts
Quizzes/independent activities - 10 pts
Midterm & Final EXAMS - 2X30 pts
Laboratory Report - 20 pts
Independant research project for GS - 50 pts
TOTAL - 100/150 pts
Office Hours: TR 3:30-6pm on ZOOM (link is provided on D2L)
week meeting schedule topic home activities lecture slides lecture video
W: Class Zoom meeting (link available on D2L)
Meeting with the class.
W: Class Zoom meeting (link available on D2L)
History of Discoveries in Molecular Biology
W: Class Zoom meeting (link available on D2L)
Review - Nucleotides as a building blocks for nucleic acids (Self study).
W: Class Zoom meeting (link available on D2L)
DNA/RNA and it's primary structure
W: Class Zoom meeting (link available on D2L)
DNA/RNA and it's secondary structure
Winter storm: classes canceled
W: Class Zoom meeting (link available on D2L)
DNA/RNA and it's tertiary structure
W: Class Zoom meeting (link available on D2L)
Spring Break!!!!
W: Midterm (D2L) (nucleic acids part) First part: Midterm on d2l - multiple choice - starts at 12:00pm
W: Class Zoom meeting (link available on D2L)
Proteins and their primary structure
W: Class Zoom meeting (link available on D2L)
Proteins and their secondary structure
W: Class Zoom meeting (link available on D2L)
Proteins and their tertiary and quaternary structure
W: Class Zoom meeting (link available on D2L)
Working with Proteins
W: Class Zoom meeting (link available on D2L)
DNA Proteins interactions
W: Class Zoom meeting (link available on D2L)
5/5 W: Final Exam (D2L)
ZOOM office hours or by appointment set over an e-mail (please do not email through D2L if you would like to get a quick reply). When emailing please indicate BOTH class & section # and your CID. When attaching a file, filename should be “First_LastName.ext”, it must also include your name in the document itself. Emails lacking any of the information listed above WILL BE IGNORED. Note: NO emails will be answered after 5 p.m. and/or during weekends. NO GRADE DISCUSSION over an e-mail, only by one on one ZOOM meetings.
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