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Academic Year: 2019-2020

Course Name: BIOL - 1308 Biology for Non-Science Majors I (Lec)

Name: Dr. Alexandra Martynova-Van Kley

Department: Biology

Email: (no communication through D2L)

WELCOME TO BIOLOGY 1308: This course is designed to introduce you to the world of the science of living things. Course objectives: to develop a basic understanding of the mechanisms of life; to gain an understanding of the major tissues and systems of plants and animals; and to begin to understand how cells and organisms interrelate.

ATTENDANCE: You are expected to attend all lecture classes and labs. It is vital that you read the chapter text prior to class as this will permit you to pose questions more efficiently. If you miss a lecture class for unavoidable reasons, make sure you get the notes from another student as much will be covered in class that is not in the textbook.

YOUR SEAT: must remain the same throughout whole course

LATE POLICY: You are expected to place your ID on teacher's desk and two late arrivals count as one absence.

MISSING EXAM: Only students with legitimate excuses will be allowed to make up missed exams by prior arrangement.

CLICKERS: There will be NO clickers used in this class

TEXTBOOK: Campbell Essential Biology with Physiology, 3rd (ISBN-13: 9780321602077), 4th (ISBN-13: 9780321772602), 5th (ISBN-13: 978-0321772596) or 6th edition (ISBN-13: 978-0134711751), by Simon et al; © 2019.(optional).

NO access code No clickers:

OFFICE HOURS: TR 9:30 - 11:00 and W 15:30 - 17:30 room S236. Should you have questions or need additional help feel free to contact me at 936-468-2569. You can also E-mail me at

Lecture Exams (all together) - 67 pts
Laboratory - 33 pts
Additional 2 pts: Perfect Attendance 1 + SI(min 14) 0.3 + course evaluation 0.2+ lec notes(all 20 topics) 0.5
TOTAL - 100 pts

GRADES: check here

CALCULATE YOUR GRADE: formula - (Ex1+Ex2+Ex3+Ex4+Ex5+Ex6)*0.67/6+Lab*0.33+Add pts

Total : 0.00


SCANTRON SHEETS (form no. 30423): Please purchase 6 scantrons in the beginning of the semester and fillout your name on the back of the scantron as shown below (if you fail to fill your name correctly, 3 points will be automatically deducted from your grade).

SIR: Leader - Robert Trout (troutrm@jacks.sfasu) M - 16:00 library 107; learning team W 19:00 AARC

CELL PHONES, LAPTOPS AND OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES: All electronic devices MUST be turned off and PACKED AWAY during the lecture. Students using electronic devices during class will lose up to 10 POINTS of their FINAL grade. Any use of an electronic device during a test will be considered cheating.

ACADEMIC HONESTY: All exam work submitted for grading must be exclusively your own. Any dishonesty or cheating may result in a final score of zero (“F”) for the course. SFA Policy A-9.1 is summarized as:“Academic integrity is a responsibility of all university faculty and students. Faculty members promote academic integrity in multiple ways including instruction on the components of academic honesty, as well as abiding by university policy on penalties for cheating and plagiarism.Definition of Academic Dishonesty: Academic dishonesty includes both cheating and plagiarism. Cheating includes but is not limited to (1) using or attempting to use unauthorized materials to aid in achieving a better grade on a component of a class; (2) the falsification or invention of any information, including citations, on an assigned exercise; and/or (3) helping or attempting to help another in an act of cheating or plagiarism. Plagiarism is presenting the words or ideas of another person as if they were your own. Examples of plagiarism are (1) submitting an assignment as if it were one's own work when, in fact, it is at least partly the work of another; (2) submitting a work that has been purchased or otherwise obtained from an Internet source or another source; and (3) incorporating the words or ideas of an author into one's paper without giving the author due credit.”( )

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: To obtain disability related accommodations, alternate formats and/or auxiliary aids, students with disabilities must contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS), Human Services Building, and Room 325, 468-3004 / 468-1004 (TDD) as early as possible in the semester. Once verified, ODS will notify the course instructor and outline the accommodation and/or auxiliary aids to be provided. Failure to request services in a timely manner may delay your accommodations. For additional information, go to

CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS: Standard classroom decorum is expected. Please arrive in class a bit early as we will be starting promptly on time. Please do not carry on a separate conversation that might be distracting to other students. Behavior that interferes with the learning environment will not be tolerated. If necessary, students violating these standards will be removed from the classroom and reported to the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office. Student who asked to leave the classroom will be required to visit with me in my office before being allowed to return to class.


Class TR - schedule

Date Lecture topics Slides
08/27 Meeting with the class Link121_1
08/29 History of discoveries in biology Slides1
09/03 Basic chemistry Slides2
09/05 Carbohydrates and lipids Slides3
09/10 Nucleic acids and proteins Slides4
09/12 Exam 1
09/17 Cell structure & function Slides5
09/19 Cell reproduction Slides6
09/24 Differences between eukaryotic cells Slides7
09/26 Exam 2
10/01 Inheritance Slides8
10/03 Central dogma Slides9
10/08 DNA technology.Forensics Slides10
10/10 Microbial life Slides11
10/15 Invisible world Slides12
10/17 Exam 3
10/22 Cellular respiration Slides13
10/24 Respiration. Hypoxia Slides14
10/29 Photosynthesis Slides15
10/31 Exam 4
11/05 Homeostasis.Multi-cellular organisms. Slides16
11/07 Digestion Slides17
11/12 Circulation & body defense Slides18
11/14 Hormones reproduction & development Slides19
11/19 Exam 5
11/21 Plant structure & functions Slides20
12/03 Plant adaptations (BBC) Slides21
12/05 Ecosystems & diversity.Slides22.Evolution Slides23
12/11 Final(Comprehensive) at 10:45am

First half (Mid-Term)

Second half




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